Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It's January 1, 2009! I cannot believe how fast 2008 has's a little surreal. Jay and I decided to make it a family New Year and stay home. We went over to my mom's house for a great Mexican dinner (tamales, enchildadas and more!) and stayed for a bit to visit and then it was back home before midnight. Alec was down the street at a sleep over with his partners in crime and doing "boy" stuff. He has the best of friends three houses down and they do everything together. I am so grateful for their friendships.

We had a bottle of champagne for Jay and I to make a toast (I opted to go the Mimosa route) and little Miss Sophie, armed with her Sprite was determined to see this "ball drop." She was so fascinated by the lights and as tired as she was she was going to see the New Year arrive. I think it helped that Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers performed on t.v. They are two of her absolute favorite music artists and she was excited to see them sing. Funny, she seems to prefer country music now. She gets in the car and asks to listen to "California Country." (Thank you Jay.)

It was a wonderful New Year's Eve. Three members of our family gathered in front of our fireplace anxiously awaiting the count down. At the stroke of midnight we shared a kiss, cuddle and a quiet prayer thanking God for his blessings. It was wonderful. And yes, Sophie made it!

Sophie wanted me to tell everyone that she took these pictures of Jay and I. :) She was very proud.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Love, The Frates Baby Farm

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