Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of my desires this year is to sincerely listen to God. I mean really learning the "art of listening" and quiet my mind during prayer and hear His will.
2009 is a fresh start for our family and also for each of us individually. I am so excited for the opportunites, lessons and adventures that await. I love that we have a "new year."
Good riddance 2008. Ugh...that was a rough one but we survived and learned SO much, although I was quite happy to give it a swift kick good bye.
So I ask for your prayer...
Please pray for our family, that we truly listen to God's will and that we make the right decisions in this upcoming year.
Please pray for our homeschooling mission and that our children continue with their desire to learn and I continue with my desire to teach.
Please pray for our jobs and our finances. These things are in God's hands and it is a new sensation to firmly believe in His provisions and in His timing...we are still learning.
Please pray for my schooling and that although I am pursuing my passion I am still able to dedicate my time to my children and husband and prioritize appropriately.
And lastly, please pray for Jay and I and that our relationship will continue growing to be one of mutual love, respect and a Godly example to our children. High aspirations we know...but we're relying on God's guidance and support (and a little prayer from family and friends :)
Already, we feel so incredibly blessed by the provisions and lessons that God has revealed in this first month. It is amazing to see the result when you place your entire life in your Father's hands.
We look forward to this exciting year and sincerely appreciate your prayers and support.


Amanda said...

You got it babe.

Josh, Angie, Sheridan and Luke said...

I love your heart! Praying now and will continue. Angie