Monday, January 26, 2009

Hand Me Downs

I am on a bit of a mission. I am getting exhausted of all of the childrens clothing that I have to buy because apparently children grow at a ridiculous rate. I am having a hard time finding someone with children older/larger than mine that would be willing to sell me the clothing that their kids have outgrown.
As some of you know I have turned into a bit of a "modern day hippie" and I believe in reusing/recycling things as often as possible. If you know anyone whos kids have outgrown the following, please pass this along: Girls 4T/5T and boys 24 months/2T. (Even if the sizes are larger that is fine as I have room to store larger sizes) I am more than willing to pay for the clothes and also I am happy to share the items that my children have outgrown.
Do not even get me started on how fast Alec is growing...seriously the kid has HUGE feet and on his way to becoming a teenager. We might have to take out a personal loan to finance his wardrobe. HELP!!!


rachael said...

My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. I usually have hand me downs that you are welcome to have. Are you in Palm Desert Ca? Right now I just went through and got rid of a lot of things but it won't be long before we have a new pile of clothes looking for a new home:)

Brigitte said...

Wish I could help but I think Sophie and my Gracie are the same size. My little one is still in 18 month so can't help you there but I do have a neighbor I could ask...I'll let you know what she says.

The Fisher Family said...

Time for some yard sales girl!!

ps- is your text not working on your phone??
Lets meet for lunch on friday?

Vanessa said...

I love hand me downs! We have the cutest little shop here in Rancho that I have been going to for 9 years now! I haven't bought many items of clothing in that time! Just trading! call me and I'll give you the number! (909) 989-8460