Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Camp

This evening my dear Bubba left for Winter Camp for the second year in a row. He packed his own suitcase and I must say that I was fairly impressed by the contents. He didn't try and sneak in any game systems or ridiculous toys. He packed the essentials and even pointed out that he had enough underwear, his toothbrush, hearing aid batteries (a must), and his BIBLE! *chuckle*
I told him that we had the option of driving him directly to camp or letting him ride up with his friends. Do I really need to go on? He very nicely said that riding with Uncle Josh and his friends was fine and he didn't need his mom there :(

I remember junior high camp at the same location...oh memories. I shared with Bubba that I had gone to the same camp and his eyebrows shot up in surprise as he couldn't believe that camp was around "that long ago." Oh child...he knows exactly how to push my buttons ;)

I'm excited for my Bubba and pray that he has an amazing camp experience surrounded by friends, fun and the warm presence of God.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hand Me Downs

I am on a bit of a mission. I am getting exhausted of all of the childrens clothing that I have to buy because apparently children grow at a ridiculous rate. I am having a hard time finding someone with children older/larger than mine that would be willing to sell me the clothing that their kids have outgrown.
As some of you know I have turned into a bit of a "modern day hippie" and I believe in reusing/recycling things as often as possible. If you know anyone whos kids have outgrown the following, please pass this along: Girls 4T/5T and boys 24 months/2T. (Even if the sizes are larger that is fine as I have room to store larger sizes) I am more than willing to pay for the clothes and also I am happy to share the items that my children have outgrown.
Do not even get me started on how fast Alec is growing...seriously the kid has HUGE feet and on his way to becoming a teenager. We might have to take out a personal loan to finance his wardrobe. HELP!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giving it a try

Well I'm officially on my third Verizon phone in the last 9 months. They were very helpful today and quickly gave me a replacement when I explained my "call drop" issues. So now we are in a test mode and hopefully (fingers crossed) this one will work well and I can have a conversation for more than a minute at a time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Riddle me this...

Why oh why do the trying days seem as thought they are 50 hours long?
Why do both of the younger children insist on having meltdowns at the same time? (Sophie suddenly wants a husband and five children! Thanks Giselle for all of the wedding planning. Sophie is paying close attention to EVERYTHING!)
Why do you seem to gain weight when no longer breastfeeding? (I might need to break out the post-partum/maternity clothes :(
Why when in a hurry and on your way out the door in the morning, does your front tire register as "incredibly low" in air and the gas gauge below empty?
Why do you grow more gray hairs the more children you have?
Why does the show Private Practice drive me insane to the point of boycott? (What exactly is Addison's job title anyway...obstetrician, pediatrician, neonatal specialist...seriously?)
And lastly...why oh why do I have to have the most RIDICULOUS cell phone in the world? I DO NOT live in the Alps, nor on Mars, nor on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, nor near the stars (woo...I almost went a little green eggs and ham there...sorry). So why is it that I can't get a few measly bars of reception in my own home?! I apologize to my friends...for the many dropped calls (the oh so many dropped calls) BTW Mandy had 3 today!!! Verizon and I have a date tomorrow morning...let's hope it goes as well as my last encounter. And by the way Andrea, sorry for throwing my phone across your living room've officially seen me at my breaking point.
Thanks for letting me rant a bit.
God...a little help please?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh sweet sleep

I really had good intentions in falling asleep at 7:30 tonight. It had been a long day and Miles has been, let's say...very trying these last several days. I was beat and ready to hit the sack. I literally got up from the dinner table and crawled into bed. The rest of my family was left cleaning the kitchen as Sophie demanded she watch "Barney" before going to bed. I ignored the madness and engulfed myself in the fluffiness of my duvet...oh so wonderful.
So here I am at 1:30 am trying to figure out how to fall back asleep. So sad, the babies are all snoring peacefully (of course Jay is included in this). I guess this is what happens when my sleep schedule is altered. I have study group tomorrow and I really need to have it together.
I'm off to count sheep...

Friday, January 16, 2009


Did you know that Sophie HAS to have polish on her nails every day, even if it has lasted a week and is down to just a chip left on one nail? Yesterday she saw that I bought a bottle of nail polish remover to clean up our 2 week old manicures.

"Mommy! Oh good...I need that stuff...wook at my nails! Can we fix them when we get home?"

"Of course Sophie, we just have to wait for Miles' nap time."

"Oh Mommy, Mommy! Did you make sure to get the wittle "marshmallows" to take off the nail polish?!"

"The marshmallows? What marshmallows?"

"You know...the wittle round marshmallows that take off the nail polish?!"

"Oh mean the cotton balls? But yes they do look a bit like marshmallows." *chuckle*

"Yeah, that's what I mean. But Mommy, please don't put cotton balls in my hot chocolate. You know I'm learning about all this stuff. All these crazy marshmallows and cotton balls stuff..."

Seriously, how can you NOT love this girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of my desires this year is to sincerely listen to God. I mean really learning the "art of listening" and quiet my mind during prayer and hear His will.
2009 is a fresh start for our family and also for each of us individually. I am so excited for the opportunites, lessons and adventures that await. I love that we have a "new year."
Good riddance 2008. Ugh...that was a rough one but we survived and learned SO much, although I was quite happy to give it a swift kick good bye.
So I ask for your prayer...
Please pray for our family, that we truly listen to God's will and that we make the right decisions in this upcoming year.
Please pray for our homeschooling mission and that our children continue with their desire to learn and I continue with my desire to teach.
Please pray for our jobs and our finances. These things are in God's hands and it is a new sensation to firmly believe in His provisions and in His timing...we are still learning.
Please pray for my schooling and that although I am pursuing my passion I am still able to dedicate my time to my children and husband and prioritize appropriately.
And lastly, please pray for Jay and I and that our relationship will continue growing to be one of mutual love, respect and a Godly example to our children. High aspirations we know...but we're relying on God's guidance and support (and a little prayer from family and friends :)
Already, we feel so incredibly blessed by the provisions and lessons that God has revealed in this first month. It is amazing to see the result when you place your entire life in your Father's hands.
We look forward to this exciting year and sincerely appreciate your prayers and support.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just Walk

Today's sermon at church was inspiring.

I have been a Christian since the age of 9. I remember that special day in "chapel" on a Thursday morning at Yucaipa Christian School. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and later memorized John 3:16. My moment was shared with my 4th grade teacher, Miss Williams. I still remember the white pews covered in red fabric, the low ceiling and the smell of the chapel. Rumor has it that Miss Williams still teaches at that school! I might have to visit.

Anyway, many may not know that I have been a Christian most of my life because surely there have been times when my faith has waivered and my choices did not reflect my Father's plan. Temptation and sin are everywhere and I faltered...I am human and a sinner. By God's amazing grace, I am His child and forgiven. What a refreshing reminder...

I think that especially in "today's" standards and society, I as a Christian seem to be "held back" for lack of a better word, when it comes to sharing my faith with others. All to often I find myself in a "circle of comfort" unwilling to move away to share the greatest gift I could give a person. I think every Christian struggles with this at some point. Sometimes I ponder my hesitation and fears...embarrassment, rejection, questions I'm unable to answer and so much more.

I am suddenly at a point in which I am meeting more people in my life, whether it be hobbies, school, even mom groups. I wonder if God is strategically placing these people in my life to see what I will do. Will I listen? Will I profess my faith and stand firm in my beliefs?

I want to be more usable by God. I want to be willing to enter the zone of the unknown. I want to listen for the spirit's prompting. I want to "just walk."

Here's a little something that our pastor encouraged us to do this week. If you are a Christian and someone special encouraged you in your decision or shared in your believing moment, send them a quick email or note and let them know that you're thinking of them. Spend a little time this week praying for this special person.

I'm off to find Miss Williams...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It's January 1, 2009! I cannot believe how fast 2008 has's a little surreal. Jay and I decided to make it a family New Year and stay home. We went over to my mom's house for a great Mexican dinner (tamales, enchildadas and more!) and stayed for a bit to visit and then it was back home before midnight. Alec was down the street at a sleep over with his partners in crime and doing "boy" stuff. He has the best of friends three houses down and they do everything together. I am so grateful for their friendships.

We had a bottle of champagne for Jay and I to make a toast (I opted to go the Mimosa route) and little Miss Sophie, armed with her Sprite was determined to see this "ball drop." She was so fascinated by the lights and as tired as she was she was going to see the New Year arrive. I think it helped that Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers performed on t.v. They are two of her absolute favorite music artists and she was excited to see them sing. Funny, she seems to prefer country music now. She gets in the car and asks to listen to "California Country." (Thank you Jay.)

It was a wonderful New Year's Eve. Three members of our family gathered in front of our fireplace anxiously awaiting the count down. At the stroke of midnight we shared a kiss, cuddle and a quiet prayer thanking God for his blessings. It was wonderful. And yes, Sophie made it!

Sophie wanted me to tell everyone that she took these pictures of Jay and I. :) She was very proud.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Love, The Frates Baby Farm