Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Camp

This evening my dear Bubba left for Winter Camp for the second year in a row. He packed his own suitcase and I must say that I was fairly impressed by the contents. He didn't try and sneak in any game systems or ridiculous toys. He packed the essentials and even pointed out that he had enough underwear, his toothbrush, hearing aid batteries (a must), and his BIBLE! *chuckle*
I told him that we had the option of driving him directly to camp or letting him ride up with his friends. Do I really need to go on? He very nicely said that riding with Uncle Josh and his friends was fine and he didn't need his mom there :(

I remember junior high camp at the same location...oh memories. I shared with Bubba that I had gone to the same camp and his eyebrows shot up in surprise as he couldn't believe that camp was around "that long ago." Oh child...he knows exactly how to push my buttons ;)

I'm excited for my Bubba and pray that he has an amazing camp experience surrounded by friends, fun and the warm presence of God.

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