Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

We began our first official week of homeschooling last week. We found a few different ideas for curriculum and we are on fire to learn. We are trying several different approaches with Alec this year. After more research and testing we realize that Alec is very much a visual and kinesthetic learner. This year, the majority of his subjects will include hands on projects and something new that we learned about, Lap Books. He gets to cut out things, glue papers and draw, draw, draw. He is thrilled. So after one week of school he came to me tonight and asked what time we were starting school tomorrow because he couldn't wait to work on Science. I am beyond excited and my heart is overjoyed that he has this desire to learn. He can tell you all about the Skeletal and Muscular Systems of the body :)
Sophie is having fun with her curriculum as well. We have started a daily reading lesson and she is now using a "Five in a Row" program. We have even found a few Lap Books that she is interested in. Of course her first choice is...Butterflies! She is learning everything that she can about these beautiful insects and has grown quite fond of her scissors, glue and markers. This should be one incredibly decorated lap book. I'll be sure to post pictures.
I feel so good about the choices that we have made with our children this year. This is something that I pray about constantly and I have to consciously open my heart to God's instruction. I know that this is where He wants our family to be and although some days can seem overwhelming and frustrating, He gets us through them and on to the next day. I am excited to see this desire and spark in my children and their creativity simply amazes me.