Monday, December 29, 2008

Our favorite gifts!!!

Here are some photos of Jay's favorite gift

Today we had fried shrimp for lunch. He is determined to fry absolutely anything that he finds. So apparently we're destined to be obese. Thanks Giselle for the "future heart disease" Christmas gift :)

Here is a pic of my favorite gift. This is what my husband gave me. A quick bit of information for you. He has N E V E R seen "Sex and the City" and does not know how Beethoven's love letters were used in that movie. I own the book Love Letters of Great Men and this is what he did for me. Jay is just simply amazing.

It is already on my wall in our bedroom.If you have never heard of the famous Ludwig Van Beethoven's letters to his lover. Here's a little history. Three passionate unsent love letters were found among Beethoven's papers after his death, addresed to his 'Immortal Beloved'. There was no year on the letters, and the identity of the 'Immortal Beloved' has not been conclusivley established, although the most likely candidate is thought to be Antonie Brentano. Two letters were written on July 6 and the last on July 7. Here is the ending of the final letter,

"What longing in tears for you - You - my Life - my All - farewell. Oh, go on loving me - never doubt the faithfullest heart Of your beloved
Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours."

My husband has printed and framed these three beautiful letters and given them to me as a gift for Christmas. These letters are now on a wall surrounded by my favorite pregnancy photos. I am speechless and my heart is still in shock.

It was my perfect gift.