Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little Christmas at Disneyland

This last Wednesday we took off on a Disneyland adventure. Pop, Mom, Bubba, La-La, Pork Chop, Grammy, Mandy, Jonas and Mattias created quite a group and enjoyed the warm day that Southern California brought us. It was a perfect day for Disneyland.

Sophie and Grammy enjoyed the Dumbo ride.

Jay and Jonas

This is the reason we go to Disneyland. I bet we could find a cheaper merry-go-round.

Pork Chop's first solo ride.

A little brotherly love.

Sophie had to have a photo op in front of "her" castle. Apparently Pork Chop thought the Corn Dog Stand was more interesting.

We had to experience the Disneyland "snow."

La-La was speechless.

Christmas time at Disneyland is absolutely beautiful. Go there now...

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