Monday, December 15, 2008

Bye bye Santa Claus

Today was the day. I've anticipated this day for 12 and a half years and the questioned was finally asked.

"Mom, I know that you and Pop pretend to be Santa Claus. Will you please just tell me the truth?"

And so began the Santa Claus conversation. Bubba actually handled the new knowledge quite well. He had his suspicions and needed confirmation. Pop and I explained everything to him and it was a nice opportunity to make him aware of the time and effort it takes to be "Santa." He was surprisingly grateful for the gifts that we had chosen over the years and a little relieved that a jolly old fat man was not sliding/squeezing down our chimney.

This will be the first year that Bubba helps Pop and I with the Santa rituals on Christmas Eve. He's excited to help put La-la and Pork Chop to bed and I'm thrilled with the additional hands to help wrap gifts. Pop is ecstatic that he doesn't have to consume all of the cookies, milk and's time for Bubba to fill his belly and partake in the trickery.

A little part of me is sad. My Bubba is growing up so fast. 13 is right around the corner and I see him transforming into a young man right in front of my eyes. I still see his childish innocence when he talks about Santa to La-La. He is an amazing older brother and I someday hope that the little ones appreciate him for all that he does.

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