Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas Eve was wonderful as usual. We spent the evening at my in-laws and feasted on ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes...all the good stuff. The kids were hysterical and Miles surprised everyone by deciding to W A L K!!! It was exciting and a highly anticipated event.

Sophie's favorite gift was a ballerina tutu set from Auntie Mandy. Miles enjoyed the tissue paper and Alec grinned over his Target gift cards.

Look at this "Worker Man" and "Ballerina." Miss Sophie L O V E S to pose!

I must say that the best part of our evening was meeting Miss Violet (Kari and Tommy's new baby girl). She was a day old and already one of the most gorgeous babies I have every seen! She even has a beauty mark on her thigh in the shape of a heart. Seriously God, job well done! Mom and baby are doing amazingly well and what a great Christmas blessing. I was tempted to share pics that I took but I know that Kari wants to introduce everyone to Violet, so stay posted.

Tia Giselle and Uncle Brandon met us at our house and the kids finally went to bed as the adults ran around the house finishing up last minute gift wrapping and Santa acting. We decided to delay singing Happy Birthday to Jesus until the follow morning.

At promptly 7am the kiddos awoke screaming, "It's Jesus' Birthday. It's Christmas. Santa came!!!" We made banana loaf the day before and spent a little time singing to Jesus and being thankful for our Saviour. Sophie insisted on sitting in "Jesus'" spot at the table. I'm just thankful the kids didn't fight over this decision. (Thank you Alec.)

The rest of the fam soon arrived. By 9 am we had 15 people in our little home and it was perfect. We made our breakfast/sausage casserole, fresh fruit, chilaquiles (compliments of dad), pinto beans, and of course fresh coffee and orange juice.

My Aunt from Nicaragua made a last minute decision to spend the holidays with us and this was extra special. We had a full house, full bellies and Christmas joy. I love having a busy home. I love the noise and chaos. This is my idea of a perfect holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!

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