Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank goodness

Well the good news about the stomach flu passing through our house is that it passed quickly. I am 90% better this morning. I actually got to enjoy a cup of coffee and a little breakfast. My appetite may take a few more days to return to normal but thank goodness food sounds good! The kids are all fine and Jay has yet to have gotten "the plague." We are keeping our fingers crossed that he stays healthy. I am so incredibly grateful that Jay was home during the madness. He really did a wonderful job tending to all of our needs and letting me rest while watching the kiddos. Poor guy had to go to work this morning at 4 am. I think a part of him is excited to stay at the work hotel, he'll get some undisturbed rest there and he deserves it.
So, this morning brings housework and homeschooling. It's back to our regular routine. I do have to get everyone of out the house at some point today...cabin fever is beginning to set in.
We do not need crazy children.

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