Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love my Bubba

Tonight as we were getting ready to head out the door for Youth Group, Bubba asked me if it was okay to invite his friend to join us. I of course said yes and he ran down the street to ask his friend. Fast forward 20 minutes later and I have two 12 year old boys in my car and on our way to Youth Group.
The drive was about 15 minutes and my little Bubba talked the entire time about his cool friends at church. He talked about praying that God would give him patience with his sister (Oh my gosh!!!) and about faith and trusting in God even though you can't see him. His friend asked a few questions and Alec answered as best he could (I chimed in when needed). As a mama... as Bubba's mama, I was so proud.
An hour and a half later they wrestled, ran, skipped, hopped and everything else a hyper 12 year old does, to the car. Alec's neighbor friend proudly showed me the new Bible that he had been given and told me that he had so much fun and is going again next week. Alec jumped in his seat behind me and whispered, "Mom, do you think that he might want to go to church with us on Sunday?"
Ahhh my little and your heart amaze me.


Dewitt Family "Lovin Life" said...

Yeah Bubba! It's so great to get to see all your teaching, guiding and praying show results! Your such a great momma!
Love you

Wendy said...

Aww Bubba is such a sweet guy. But then again, look at his mommy....