Friday, November 21, 2008

Nap Time

Today was pretty mellow in the Frates household.

I always tell people that another positive aspect of homeschooling is the option to run around in your p.j.'s until some ungodly hour and just see where the day takes you.

This morning we arose, made oatmeal, I of course got myself a little coffee and we started school work. Everyone was in a great mood and the morning was...peaceful. The kids took a break to play outside as Sophie needed to check on her horses...another one is pregnant. (Seriously, the best non-purchase ever. They live in the canyon below our home and she honestly believes they belong to her and claims them as such.) She told me today that she is their midwife. Ahh...she does hear the things her mommy talks about :) Have I told you I love this girl?

I have been fighting an awful headache for the last 3 days. It just seems to linger with a dull, ache around my temples and sinuses. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Along with my acne...I'm a bit of a mess. And no, I am NOT pregnant. So calm down people, take a deep breath. I have simply realized that 30 has struck me smack in the head (literally).

Miles went down for a nap at 2, Alec ran down the street to play with his friends, Pop went out to play a little golf and Sophie and I declared it NAP TIME!!! Oh how we love nap time together, just us two girls. We pile tons of blankets on my bed to make it extra fluffy and climb in together loaded with books. I read a bit of my "big girl" book and Sophie peruses her selection. We read to one another, sing songs and snuggle. I adore this child...she melts my heart.

Today she told me, "Mommy, thank you for being my mommy. I love you." I honestly teared up and thanked her for letting me be her mommy. I thought of all we went through the first year of her life. It saddens me that I looked at it so negatively. People even now comment sarcastically as to how "awful" she was. Oh...we were learning. I was new at it and she was new at it. We were trying to figure it all out.

I learned so much about myself and Sophie that first year. She may not consciously remember everything but I believe her soul does and we have grown so much as mother and daughter because of it. I love her spunk and spirit and realize that she is a little "mini-me." I see how much she wants to be like me and do all that I do. I think that we have a deeper connection and appreciation for one another after all that we went through.

I now understand what my mom was implying when she told me, "You'll understand when you have a daughter."

Mom, I understand...I truly do.


Wendy said...

Aww, your kiddos are so amazing. I love your little Sophie, she's just melts hearts everywhere she goes.

You're such a great mama Jen.

Dewitt Family "Lovin Life" said...

Oh my sweet Jen ... you made me cry .... again .... I am so proud of you as a mama! You just "get it". I know there are days that don't feel like were on track, then God gives one of these kind of days and those are the days we have to cherish! Those are the days we cling to when one of those other days hit. Sadly, to many mamas are to busy to enjoy these special "nap time" days. Thank you for the reminder. I love you friend, Heather

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Jenn said...

I have just found your blog through another blog linked to my blog. :0) Anyway, it's inspiring and it's nice to get to "know" you. Bless~