Saturday, November 29, 2008

I *heart* books

Did you know that I have a sick obsession with books, especially library books? I love the way they smell, the way they feel and the noises the pages make. I love that I can visualize the story in my mind. The characters and setting take on their own colors and details in my head. I delve into whatever book that I'm reading and it truly is a little escape from every day life. I love index cards and the Dewey Decimal System. It makes me so sad that you can now just type in your request and out comes the category name and number. I enjoy the process to find the book that I seek, wandering the aisles on an adventure and hoping and praying that my book is not checked out by another. And oh how happy I am when the book I yearn for is available. I told you...I love books.

When I was in elementary school our class would take trips to the library for story time with the librarian. I paid very close attention to how she cared for the book, her voice and the passion with which she read. I would dream of being an adult and of children coming to my library and reading books to them. I wanted to be a librarian and not too many people know that ;)

My mother still comments that while other kids were watching t.v. or outside playing I had my nose stuffed in a book. I read everything I could get my hands on. I pushed myself to finish large chapter books in just a few days. Many times the stories were so interesting that I read them in a day...snuggled up on the couch, oblivious to anything else. It was my little world and I absolutely loved it!

So here I am 20 years later and I realize that last night I stayed up until 1 am finishing the latest book on my nightstand. I am sleep deprived and my children are a little extra rambunctious and needy but I feel this great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I completed yet another book. Today it's off to the library for more! I pray that my children learn to appreciate books the way that I do. Learn by example right?


gypsimomma said...

wow...i seriously have never heard a person talk about books the way u just did. i imagine that there are other ppl out there that feel that way but i've never seen one. my husband makes SERIOUS fun of me cause i sit there and smell my books. a big deep breath is like a meditation. it just makes everything i go into a library or book store and just feel at home and at peace. i also hope that my babies feel the same way about books but my husband is an avid tv watcher. so we'll see. i too go thru a book every couple of days.

Wendy said...

Hey Jen, have you heard about the new Kindle from Amazon? They are so cool!

I don't have enough time to read lately but there are always a few good birthing books by the bed. :-)