Monday, November 3, 2008

I am still in awe

Today was absolutely perfect and beautiful. I witnessed my very first homebirth and waterbirth.

I watched this laboring mother find strength from the deepest part of her soul. I watched as she welcomed the labor process and embraced each wave of contractions. As midwives and women we encouraged and supported but most importantly allowed this natural process to occur. I remember a specific moment when I looked around the room at the three of us tending to the mother. We were barefoot and gathered around her tub. Through each contraction we rubbed her back in unison as soft music played in the background. The only other sound made was the mother and her labor song. I thought to myself that this was a moment I would never forget. I thought of the many women before us who had labored this way with women tending to their labor and providing support through this natural process.

At approximately 8:30 am I watched a beautiful baby girl emerge from her mother in a safe, gentle manner, in water and in her home. We supported, encourage and watched as the mother brought her baby out of the water and onto her chest. This baby did not scream or arch her back in shock...she simply opened her eyes and looked up at her mother as if she knew she was home. Today was absolutely perfect and beautiful.


The Fisher Family said...

absolutely beautiful!

barefoot mamas said...

Jen, your words are beautiful. I am happy to be along your side as we encourage more women to give birth the way they were meant to. Thank you for sharing this birth story.
Love, la

Supermom said...

That is such a great story Jenn. Thanks for sharing it!!

Wendy said...

How beautiful that room must have been with all of the love and caring hands present. Thank you for sharing that with us.