Sunday, April 5, 2009

A weekend recap

This weekend was dedicated to the chickens. Oh God bless my husband and father-in-law. For without these amazing men, I wouldn't have a coop for my new chickens. They slaved ALL day Saturday and Sunday and we now have a home sweet home for Mimi, Nana, Penny and Mula (the kids have officially named the chicks). Tomorrow they will be introduced to the coop and slowly begin to acclimate to the outdoors. Mandy and the boys came over to hang out. The kids had a great time playing and the weather was beautiful. Aside from a few mishaps, all went well. Everyone still has their fingers and we even stayed out of the emergency room! Here are some photos from our busy weekend.

The Frates men discussing their plan of attack.

Miles and Tias both wanted to ride the quad. I think that Miles is trying to distract Tias so he gets off of the quad.

Miles seems to be getting a bit angry.

Notice my mother-in-law supervising on the sidelines? I think Jay is starting to realize just how much I'm like his mother :) Love you Cathy!

Sophie and Jonas helping.

Even Miles wanted to help out.

The final touches.

The door for the nesting boxes.

The best looking chicken coop ever!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my dear hubby and wonderful father-in-law. You both did an amazing job and I sincerely appreciate you!!!

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The Fisher Family said...

wow I'm so impressed! that is a seriously awesome chicken coop.