Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She's Gone Country

Yesterday was a very productive day. I awoke feeling motivated to get things done in the yard. This is what I started with:

After hours of weed pulling, rock removing and tree root digging I began rototilling to get the soil prepped for our garden.

The dogs attempted to help me. Notice that my sweet, helpful 13-year-old son is nowhere to be found? He conveniently had other plans with his friends.

After working allllllll day and making a trip to Ace Hardware for chicken wire (the dogs, and any other canyon animal/rodent will attempt to destroy my precious garden) I was done for the day. Notice this pic was taken after dark. I still have some work to finish up today but I am incredibly happy with the veggies we chose.

Tomatoes, (sweet cherry, Roma, and San Diego) Lettuce, Bell Peppers (yellow and green), Yellow Squash, Jalapenos, Red Chili Peppers (Jay's fav), Beans, Oregano, Basil and Parsley. Phew...lots of yummy stuff! We still have another area that we are planting this week where we hope to plant carrots, onions, cilantro and more! I'll put pics up when all is done.

The second part of the day began with an ongoing idea that I've had. Quite often I have to remind my husband that in theory I have AMAZING ideas that usually turn out with great results (refer to the vegetable garden above). Jay happened to be at work all day and I decided to give him a call.

"Uh, hi honey, how's your day going? I've been working really hard on our veggie garden and I think that you're gonna like what I've done. By the way, when you get home don't mind the baby chicks in the kitchen." *Click*

You see, Jay has limited phone time at work and I wanted to be brief and to the point. :) I also wanted to give him time to ponder our new life with chickens. We've been talking about getting laying hens for some time. I like the idea of knowing where are chickens come from and how they are cared for. Fresh eggs every day! They are still small and have some growing to do but if all goes well, we should have eggs by summer.

Oh yeah, um honey, could you possibly get started on building our chicken coop? Puh-lease? :)

Sophie is in love...

These are Americana chickens, known for laying large, beautiful colored eggs in blue and green shades. The kids thought that this was especially cool.

We will be happy to share with friends and family this summer! Come by and pick up your eggs.

Jay, I saw a goat for sale yesterday....whatcha think??? Goats milk and a built in lawn mower?? Sounds tempting.


The Fisher Family said...

hey selling eggs could make some extra money?
I'll buy some blue frates eggs!

Vanessa said...

you crack me up! too bad we're not neighbors...that veggie garden sounds YUMMY!