Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

So let me start this off by saying that we actually made it to church on time for Easter Sunday. Unfortunately Jay had to work (stinkin' railroad). The kids had a bit of a difficult time all getting ready at the same time. It's hard to get everyone showered, fed, dressed up nicely and out the door in an hour. Miles kept trying to run out to the backyard to play on the swingset (NO! Please stay clean!!!), Alec chose to argue with me about every little thing (remember he's 13) and Sophie was absolutely content twirling in her Easter dress and telling me how adorable she looked. Sometimes I just have to sit down and laugh (or cry) as our house remembles a funny farm.

We got out the door and were driving to church when I glanced in the mirror and realized that during my manic morning I had failed to finish putting makeup on. What else is new? grrr.

We finally flew into the parking lot, slid into a parking space as Alec commented, "Mom, you're like the fast and the furious; like a crazy race car driver!" I hushed him quickly, reminded him to please not repeat that in church and made a mental note to self to double check the kiddos' carseats before heading home.

Church was wonderful. Pastor Rick shared a great message regarding the validity of Christ being on earth, being crucified and arising from the dead. He spoke of skeptics and atheists and shared great ways to stand firm in our beliefs as Christians. We also sang one of my absolute favorite songs "From the Inside Out" and I was brought to tears as I sang my heart out for my Lord. It was just the moment that I needed.

We stopped by Grandma Joan's house to visit before heading out to Grandpa Stinky's. Miles fell asleep in the car and I got a nice 3 mile run in at Grandpa's house. We then headed home and collapsed for a few hours. It was a wonderful day and the kids had a great time visiting with family.

Miles isn't too sure about all of this.

My favorite picture of the day. This sweet, sweet smile.

Constantly moving...potential injuries at every corner.

That's a dragon on his face - face painting at church :)

Twirling...her favorite thing to do

A little visit to Granpa Stinky's house

This is the blessed disaster that walked into the living room after awakening from a nap.

Happy Easter everyone!!!


Vanessa said...

great pictures! thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Seriously, don't dress him like that anymore....he's no baby in those pics. He is the sweetest little man in those. Looks soo much like Jay (except for the sweet part).

Brigitte said...

Ok, I have to know. Why is he called Grandpa Stinky? Or is that really his name? Adorable. So fun to see you so happy.