Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bye Bye Nappies

So today it's more cloth diapers. I've been contemplating this idea for the last 3 months. My life has changed dramatically since January and often there are times when my children rotate through three differerent family members in one day. Births are incredibly unpredictable and I never know when I will get called or how long I will be at a families home. All that being said I do not have time to wash diapers, let alone be sure that enough of them are packed if the kiddos have to been shipped out at a moments notice. So hello disposables, you are back in my life for some time. Cloth diapering was a wonderful choice for our family for the last year and a half and boy did we get great use of them! I would still greatly encourage families to consider this option. It really is a great, soft, natural alternative to the stiff paper disposies. I'm off to pack diaper bags with snacks and I have Peer Review.
BTW Mandy, Sophie awoke without a fever and is feeling perky and back to her usual self. I hope that Jonas got some rest last night and is feeling better. :)

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